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Reusable RediSep Rf Gold® C18Aq Columns, 5.5 Gram (Package of 2)

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Reusable RediSep Rf Gold® C18Aq columns, 5.5 gram. Package of 2. 

Specially designed for highly aqueous conditions. Monofunction C18 bonding is interspersed with hydrophilic ligands to prevent phase collapse in high aqueous conditions.  Packed with spherical bonded silica (20-40 µm particle size).  These columns are useful for highly polar, water soluble compounds such as dyes, glycopeptides, and nucleotides.

Reusability:  20 runs (average)
Particle Size:  20-40 µm spherical
Mesh Size:  400-632
Pore Size:  100 Å
Surface Area:  m²/g: 300 ±50
Carbon Content:  11% ±2
Endcapped:  Yes
Loading Capacity:  0.1-2%

Estimated Shipment Time: 3-7 Days

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