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Rental Program

Manage your temporary flow monitoring and automatic sampling program without breaking the bank!

Here at Teledyne ISCO, we understand that some monitoring programs are seasonal, such as Inflow and Infiltration study, and stormwater monitoring, among others. That's why we are offering you an easy solution: renting!  With our quality guarantee, assurance of latest updates, and low equipment cost, you get the most value for your money. 

Rental Information:  
(800) 228-4373

Rental equipment we offer:

6712 Full Size Portable Sampler 701 pH & Temperature Module
6712C Compact Portable Sampler 720 Submerged Probe Flow Module
3700 Full Size Portable Sampler 730 Bubbler Flow Module
3710 Full Size Portable Sampler 750 Area Velocity Flow Module
GLS Portable Sampler 780 Analog Interface Module
Avalanche® Sampler Signature® Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Glacier® Sampler Signature® Bubbler Flowmeter
2150 Area Velocity Flow Module Signature® Area Velocity Flowmeter
2160 LaserFlow System Signature® LaserFlow® Flowmeter
2110 Ultrasonic Flow Module 1640 Liquid Level Actuator
2105 Network Interface Module 6712ci Modem
2105ci LTE Modem Module Sampler Suspension Harnesses
2105GI GSM Modem Module ProHanger 
2103ci LTE Modem Module 4-20 mA Input Interface
2103GI GSM Modem Module Flowlink® Software
Model 934 Nickel Cadmium Battery 581 Rapid Transfer Device
Model 946 Lead Acid Battery Avalanche®/Glacier® Mobility Cart
Model 963 Lead Acid Battery Charger Spreader Bar
Model 961 Battery Charger Flow Metering Inserts for Bubbler
Model 913 AC Power Converter Street Level Installation Tool
External 12 VDC Connect Cable Spring Rings (6 to 15 Inches)
Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Hardware Scissors Rings (16 to 80 Inches)
LaserFlow® Mounting Hardware LaserFlow® Sensor Retrieval Tool
674 Rain Gauge 677 Logging Rain Gauge
677ci Logging Rain Gauge Other various cables