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Reusable RediSep Rf Gold® Amine Columns, 5.5 Gram (Package of 2)

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Reusable RediSep Rf Gold® Amine column, 5.5 gram. Package of 2. 

These columns can be used in either normal or reversed phase conditions for the purification of compounds with basic properties by interfacing with the hydrogen bonds.  Functionalized amine silica (20-40 µm particle size) protects the acidic silanol groups to result in sharper peaks and purity.

Reusability:  20 runs (average)
Particle Size:  20-40 µm spherical
Mesh Size:  400-632
Pore Size:  100 Å
Surface Area:  m²/g: 300 ±50
Loading Capacity:  0.1-2%

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