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RediSep Gold® C18 Reversed Phase Column, 1.9 Kilogram (Package of 1)

SKU: 692203493

  • $ 6,963.00

RediSep Gold® C18 Reversed-Phase column, 1.9 kilogram.  Package of 1.  Packed with spherical bonded silica (20-40 µm particle size), providing improved separation.  Reusable when proper storage conditions are maintained.

Reusability:  20 runs (average)
Particle Size:  27-33 µm spherical
Mesh Size:  400-632
Pore Size:  100 Å
Surface Area:  m²/g: 300-340
Carbon Content:  16-18%
Endcapped:  Yes
Loading Capacity:  0.1-2%

Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  27 Day(s)

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