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RediSep® Alumina Basic Columns (8 Gram) - Package of 20

RediSep® Alumina Basic Columns (8 Gram) - Package of 20


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RediSep® Alumina Basic Columns, 8 gram.  Package of 20.

Single use alumina columns run under normal phase conditions and offer different selectivity to silica.  Basic alumina is used to purify basic compounds without basic modifiers such as TEA or ammonium hydroxide.  This avoids solvent swapping, washing the chromatography system, or contaminating subsequent runs.

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Reusability: Single use
Particle Size: 40-63 µm irregular
Mesh Size: 230-400
Pore Size: 60 Å
Surface Area m²/g: 200 ±50
pH: 9.7 ±0.3
Loading Capacity: 0.5-4%

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