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Model 948 Lead Acid Battery (12 VDC / 45 Ah)

Model 948 Lead Acid Battery (12 VDC / 45 Ah)

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Model 948 Lead-Acid Battery.  Rechargeable, 12 VDC, 45 Amp-hours.  For use with ISCO GLS, 3700 & 6700 Series Portable Samplers, 4200 Series Flowmeters and Signature Portable Flowmeters.  Charger not included.

Teledyne ISCO lead-acid batteries are your best choice for applications that require equipment to be in a dormant state for an extended period of time before operation.

Output Voltage:  12 VDC
Amp/Hour Rating:  45
Connector Type:  2-pin Circular Amphenol

To order charger:

Battery Charger for Model 948 Lead Acid Battery

    This item has a lead time of 5-9 days

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