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Flowlink 5.1 Software

Flowlink 5.1 Software

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Flowlink 5.1 Software, two user licenses. For retrieving measurement, parameter, and sample data from ISCO 2100 Series Modules and 2101 Field Wizard, 4100 Series Flow Loggers, 4200 Series Flowmeters, Pulsed Doppler Flowmeters, 6700 Series/Avalanche Samplers, 676 and 677 Logging Rain Gauge Systems, and 581 Rapid Transfer Device. Stores data in a database and generates a variety of user-customizable graphs and tables. Data can also be exported in ASCII format for analysis by programs such as Microsoft Excel, HTML format for viewing in a web browser, and PDF format for viewing in Adobe Reader. Operates on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008. Supplied on CD-ROM. Software supports multiple languages, one of which is selected during installation.

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