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Vinyl Suction Line (1/4 Inch I.D. x 100 Ft. Long)

Vinyl Suction Line (1/4 Inch I.D. x 100 Ft. Long)


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Vinyl suction line, 1/4 inch I.D. x 100 Ft.  Includes tubing coupler.

Does not include a strainer.  Not for use with Models 4700, 5800, 6700, 6700C, 6700FR, 6700SR, 6712, 6712C, 6712FR or Avalanche® Samplers which use 3/8 Inch I.D. suction line.

Suitable for PFAS sampling.  Read more here.

Suction Line Specifications:
Inside Diameter:  0.230 Inches
Outside Diameter:  0.418 Inches
Length:  100 Ft.
Includes Tubing Coupler:  Yes  
Suction Line Material:  Vinyl

    Note:  If your tubing indicates part number 029071403, it is a raw material number.  Order this tubing in place of 029071403.

    Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  14 Day(s)

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