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Service Kit (1000D / 1000DX / SyriXus® 1000x)

Service Kit (1000D / 1000DX / SyriXus® 1000x)


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Service kit. This kit contains the most common replacement parts and the tools required to install them. Consists of:

  • Cylinder cap seal
  • Shear key and installation tool
  • Replacement motor brush spring, 2 each
  • Fuses, 5 each of 3 different types
  • Standard replacement seal - lower
  • Standard replacement seal - upper
  • Male tube connector, 2 each
  • Pipe plug
  • Wrench package
  • Control panel label 

Compatible with:

  • Model 1000D Syringe Pump
  • Model 1000DX Syringe Pump
  • SyriXus® 1000x Syringe Pump

Note:  For older, non-4th generation controllers, also order this control panel label.

Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  7 Day(s)

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