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Sampler controller, tubing, cables

Sampler Booster Pump

SKU: 605314861

  • $ 3,077.00

Booster pump for Models 4700 or 5800 Refrigerated Sampler or modified 6700 / 3700 / Avalanche® / BLZZRD™ / Glacier® /GLS Sampler Series. Allows sampling from extended heads/lifts above 28 feet.

Equipped with two 80 ft. cables and suction line, pump tubing and a single 3/8 inch coupler. One cable connects to a high capacity 12 VDC power source (must be ordered separately), the other connects to the 16 pin connector on the sampler.

The output of this pump connects directly to the input pump of the controller, liquid detection occurs at the controller. Requires the use of 2 (of 4) output alarms from the 5800. The 6700 / 3700 / Avalanche® / BLZZRD™ / Glacier® /GLS Sampler Series requires a modification to the sampler controller (ordered separately as part number 605324038). The booster pump is encased in a 3700 style control box; submersion is not recommended.

NOTE: This booster pump voids the specified line velocity rating of the standard sampler pump.

Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  14 Day(s)

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