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TIENet™ Network Expansion Box with 10 Ft. Cable and Desiccator

SKU: 604357018

  • $ 829.00

TIENet™ Network Expansion Box, with 10 ft. (3.0 m) TIENet™ cable and desiccator.  Connects to a Signature® meter or another TIENet™ Network Expansion Box in a daisy-chain configuration.  Rated IP 67 (NEMA 4X, 6).  Supports multiple connections using the internal terminal connections located in the expansion box.

Connections may be routed through three available ports.  A TIENet™ option card may also be mounted in the expansion box.  An option card limits the available ports to one.  May be used with conduit or cable connections.  If installed with cable connections, order cord grip fittings as needed.  The expansion box includes two plugs for unused ports.

Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  14 Day(s)

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