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Silicone Rubber Pump Tubing For 3700R / 3710R Sampler (Qty 1)

SKU: 603714018

  • $ 32.00

Silicone rubber pump tubing, 40.5 inches.  For single bottle sampling applications.  Includes black locating bands, quantity 1.  Used on the Model 3700R and 3710R Refrigerated Samplers.

This tubing is also available in bulk rolls.  The bulk rolls will not include the black locating bands:

  • Silicone rubber pump tubing, 10 ft. roll.  Order part number 606700046.
  • Silicone rubber pump tubing, 50 ft. roll.  Order part number 606700047.

This item has a lead time of 3-7 days 

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