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Spring Ring For 15 Inch Diameter Pipe

Spring Ring For 15 Inch Diameter Pipe

SKU: 683200011

  • $ 124.00

Spring Ring for 15 inch diameter pipe.  Used to install ISCO sensors.  The spring ring will accommodate one of our sensor carriers and can be used to mount one sensor in a channel.  ISCO low profile area velocity and accQpulse sensors attach directly to the spring ring.  A carrier for the area/velocity sensor is also available if desired.

Available sensor carriers:
Sensor carrier for attaching submerged probe.  Order part number 603204005.
Sensor carrier for attaching bubble line.  Order part number 603204007.
Sensor carrier for attaching pH probe.  Order part number 603208001.
Sensor carrier for attaching area velocity probe.  Order part number 603204029.

This item has a lead time of 12-16 days

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