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Flowlink® LE Software

Flowlink® LE Software


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Flowlink® LE Software, single user license. For retrieving measurement, parameter, and sample data from ISCO 2100 Series Modules, DuraTracker® Modular Monitoring System, Signature® Flow Meters, Pulsed Doppler Flow Meters, 6700 Series/Avalanche®/BLZZRD™ Samplers, 676 and 677 Logging Rain Gauge Systems, and 581 Rapid Transfer Device. Stores data in a database and generates a graph and table of a single data series. Data can also be exported in ASCII format for analysis by programs such as Microsoft Excel. Windows 10 & 11, Server 2012, server 2016, Server 2019, and server 2020. Supplied on CD-ROM. Software supports multiple languages, one of which is selected during installation. 

Note that Flowlink® LE does not support data editing, graphs using multiple data series or the 2101 Field Wizard. If these functions are needed, order Flowlink® 5.1 instead.

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