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Sampler to Flow Meter Cable with Pigtails on One End (50 Ft.)

SKU: 609004600

  • $ 255.00

Sampler to flow meter cable with pigtails on one end, 50 ft. (15 m) length.  Provides connector on one end and all six wires (A-F) on the other end.  Connects to the sampler's flow meter port.  Allows connection of a non-ISCO flow meter to ISCO sampler.  The flow meter must produce a dry contact closure proportional to flow rate.

NOTE:  Not for use with the Model 5800 Sampler.  Order this instead.

NOTE:  This item replaced part numbers 681680060, 601394077 and 605314301.

Estimated Shipment Time (After Receipt of Order):  14 Day(s)

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